Pier G, Berths G230-G236 Terminal Redevelopment North Slip Backlands Development 

Location: Port of Long Beach California 


Years Worked: 2012-2013


Services Provided: Construction Management


Cost: $29M 


Project Description: This project consisted of the demolition, removal of marine building, electrical house, removal and installation of new trench drain, electrical and water lines, construction of new electrical substation. The project is spread within 24 regions with distinctive milestones and constraints.

Water Projects

Sunol Water Treatment Plant Expansion

Location: Sunol, CA


Years Worked: 2010-2013


Services Provided: Construction Management


Cost: $120M 


Project Description: The Sunol Valley Water Treatment Plant Expansion and Treated Water Reservoir Project added a new water treatment train at the plant, retrofitted existing filters, created a 17.5 million gallon circular balancing reservoir for treated water as it leaves the plant, and other new connections and facilities that enables the plant to treat enough water to meet basic customer demands alone for up to 60 days after a major earthquake. 

Folsom South Canal Connection 

Location: Folsom, CA


Years Worked: 2006-2008


Services Provided: Construction Management


Cost: $200M


Project Description: The FSCC project is a portion of the overall Freeport Regional Water Project (FRWP). Water is conveyed by the FSCC project to the Mokelumne Aqueducts for transmission to EBMUD service area. The project is composed of approximately 19 miles of 72” diameter pipeline, two pumping plants with a nominal 100 MGD capacity, a 4 MG equalization tank and a flow splitting facility that regulates flow into 3 existing aqueducts. 

Silver Lake Reservoir Replacement

Location: Los Angeles, CA 


Years Worked: 2013-2015


Services Provided: Construction Management


Cost: $140M


Project Description: This reservoir construction project aims to eliminate the contamination of drinking water by allowing it to bypass the existing open Silver Lake and Ivanhoe Reservoirs and flow into the new Headworks Reservoir, thereby complying with new federal Environmental Protection Agency water quality regulations. The Headworks Spreading Grounds, a 43-acre site adjacent to the Los Angeles River, will feature two below-grade concrete reservoirs, East and West, measuring 40 feet deep with 54 and 56-million-gallon storage capacities requiring over 170,000 cubic yards of concrete, a four-megawatt hydroelectric power plant to take advantage of the renewable energy developed by the reservoir’s high pressure and water flows, a flow regulating station with a flow capacity of 250 cubic feet per second, and a 96 inches by 6,600 feet trunk line with a 3,000-foot tunneling portion which the team must route to avoid nearby Forest Lawn Cemetery. The project constitutes several phases with staggered completion dates over a seven year period. The LA Department of Water and Power expects to place the East reservoir into service by November 2014. 

Eastern Municipal Water District 

Location: Perris, CA


Years Worked: 2013-2014


Services Provided: Construction Management


Project Description: The District provides service to retail customers located within the cities of Moreno Valley, Menifee, Murrieta, and Temecula and the unincorporated communities of Good Hope, Homeland, Lakeview, Nuevo, Mead Valley, Murrieta Hot Springs, Quail Valley, Romoland, Valle Vista and Winchester. The District also supplies water on a wholesale basis to the Cities of Hemet, San Jacinto and Perris, Lake Hemet Municipal Water  Municipal Water District and Rancho California Water District. 

Pavement Renovation, Sewer Replacement and Water Main installation

Location: San Francisco, CA 


Years Worked: 2012-2016


Services Provided: Construction Management


Cost: $13M


Project Description: The scope of work consists of pavement renovation, curb ramp construction, sewer replacement and drainage work, watermain installation, AWSS relocation, traffic signal conduits, audible pedestrian signal installation, traffic control, and all related and incidental work.

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