Bridge and Tunnel Projects

Devil’s Slide 

Location: San Mateo County, CA


Years Worked: 2006-2012


Services Provided: Construction Management


Cost: $338.6M


Project Description: The project calls for construction of two tunnels beneath San Pedro Mountain, each 30-feet wide and 4,200-feet long.  At the northern end, a 1,000-feet bridge will span the valley at Shamrock Ranch. A re-alignment of Route 1 at the southern end will provide safe transition into and out of the tunnel.  Approximately one-quarter mile south of the tunnel is the site of an operations and maintenance facility. 

Lincoln Avenue Bridge Widening

Location: Orange County, CA


Years Worked: 2012-2013


Services Provided: Construction Management


Cost: $8M 


Project Description: The work to be done consists, in general, of restriping and widening Lincoln Avenue roadway and bridge to its ultimate section of 6-lanes Major Arterial Highway, lengthening reinforced concrete box culvert, constructing retaining walls, type 26 Caltrans Barrier, pervious and impervious concrete sidewalk, infiltration trench, replacing terrace drain with underground reinforced concrete pipes, reconstructing bike/hiking & riding trail, maintenance roads and driveway approaches. This project also includes widening Lincoln Avenue Bridge over the Santa Ana River on both sides with an 18 feet reinforced concrete box girder superstructure, pier walls, debris noises, diaphragm type abutments, and wing walls, all founded on steel driven piles. Concrete slope paving is provided in front of the abutments for both the existing and widening structures. Maintenance works for Lincoln Avenue Bridge are also included in this project. The works includes removing unsound concrete on bridge deck, filling deck voids with rapid set concrete (patch), cleaning bridge deck, and treating bridge deck with methacrylate. 

North Spring Street Viaduct Widening and Rehabilitation

Location: Los Angeles , CA


Years Worked: 2012-2017


Services Provided: Construction Management


Cost: $20M


Project Description: The North Spring Street Bridge Rehabilitation and Widening Project is located in the City of Los Angeles (Los Angeles County), northeast of downtown. The project improves the viaduct and a portion of North Spring Street between Baker Street to the southwest and Avenue 18 to the northeast. Within the limits of the project, North Spring Street is designated as a class II major highway and is striped throughout most of the proposed project's reach for four-lane (two in each direction) vehicular use. The project will seismically retrofit and widen the North Spring Street viaduct by 23 feet on the south side to accommodate sufficient travel lanes, a striped median, shoulders, and sidewalks on both sides of the bridge. The shoulder can accommodate bicyclists and is planned to become a bike lane as part of the approved 2010 Los Angeles Bicycle Plan.

Presidio Parkway Project Phase II

Location: San Francisco, CA 


Years Worked: 2012-2016


Services Provided: Construction Management


Cost: $250M


Project Description: Phase I was completed in 2012 and included construction of the southbound High Viaduct, southbound Battery Tunnel, and temporary bypass. Phase II will include construction of the northbound High Viaduct, northbound Battery Tunnel, Main Post Tunnels, Low Viaduct and Girard Road interchange.

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